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Introduction: Dog Fence and Deck

I have an area in my small back yard that I fenced in for our two dogs so they would not destroy the rest of my garden area. The fenced area is right off our deck so they have the deck and the fenced in area witch gives them plenty of room for two small dogs. The fence I did was very simple. In the dogs area there was a small section agents the fence that has never had grass and the dogs were digging holes and making a mess. So I build a simple doggy deck from scrap lumber to cover the mucky spot and give them some ware to sit in the shade for the hot summer weather.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

tape mesure
zip ties
roll of 36" high green coated wire.
green metal fence posts
2x2 PT wood for gate
gate hardware
2x4s for gate posts
1x6 left over decking

Step 2: Dog Deck Frame

It is a 2x4 PT frame with two support pieces in the middle screwed together with deck screws.

Step 3: The Deck

The deck itself is left over 5 1/2 wide deck wood that was given to me by a co-worker who was replacing his deck with a stone patio. I just cut it into lengths to overhang the frame a few inches. I have used this decking in lots of my garden projects.

Step 4: Mesure and Set Posts

I mesured the general area I wanted the posts in and spaced them evenly. Just hammer them in the ground.

Step 5: Hang Wire Fence

The posts have little hooks on them that are supposed to hook onto the fencing wire, but the fence wire did not line up with the hooks so I just used plastic zip ties and that worked out fine and was very easy. Got'a love those zip ties for there ease of use and versatility.

Step 6: Gate

I had to make a gate to get to my gardening side of the yard, so I put it right agents the side of the deck. I used 2x4 PT wood for the posts simply because 4x4s are just too much for me to handle by myself. The post against the deck is screwed into the side of the deck frame for added stability. I set the posts in 17 deep holes with gravel fill in. I should have used cement I am thinking, but for now it works.

Step 7: Adjustment

When I originally put up the fence it went behind the small dogwood tree in the back, but the dogs were digging around the bass of the tree and I was afraid they would damage it so I repositioned the fence to go around the little tree. It was easy to cut off the zip ties,reposition the posts and wire fence and zip tie in place.

Step 8: Final Note

This fence system is an easy inexpensive solution for a small area and small dogs, but I do not think it would work for a very large dog. Unless he was the best behaved large dog.
the deck was also easy.

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    The fence is a great idea. I did the same thing, AND you are correc,t it is not good for a large dog and one that likse to jump. My dog jumps and landed on a fence post....results, had a vet bill. Be careful.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    would highly recommend buying (or making) T-post caps for the top of the t-posts to prevent impalement.