Introduction: Dog in a Parcel Mini Cake

Dog in a parcel tutorial.

Cute dog popping out a parcel cake. Great for birthdays or as ‘thank you’ presents. This is a very easy tutorial.

You will need:

Tools- Small rolling-pin, straight-edged modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking), a no. 1.5-2 piping nozzle and small piping bag or cone, sharp (vegetable) knife, large (bread) knife, palette or butter knife.

A small (5″ aprox) cake board, bamboo kebab skewer or cocktail stick (optional)

Materials- Small square cake (4″ aprox), jam (frosting optional), light purple, purple, pink, blue, grey and white sugar paste, icing sugar (to prevent sticking), black royal icing (could use black sugar paste instead)

Colours are just used as a guide, use any colours you like!

Step 1:

Cover the cake in jam.

Roll out purple icing and cover the cake.

Smooth over with your hand or a smoothing tool. Cut off excess icing.

Roll out purple icing. Cut it into strips aprox 4″ long (or the length of your cake) and 2″ wide.

Stick a strip of purple paste along each side as box flaps.

Roll out light purple paste.

‘crumple’ the paste to look like tissue paper.

Stick the ‘crumpled’ paste on to the cake.

Step 2:

Roll a ball of white paste into a pear shape.

Roll a sausage of white paste.

Flatten the ends and cut in half. Mark toes and elbows

Add body and arms into the box.

Step 3:

Roll a ball of blue paste, flatten, add as collar. Roll a tiny ball of grey paste, flatten and add as the name tag.

Add skewer or stick through the neck and body to secure (optional but useful if transporting etc).

Step 4:

Roll a pear shape for the head.

Add the head.

Mark eye holes and mouth lines with modelling tool.

Roll tear-drops and flatten into triangles for ears.

Flatten pink balls the broad part of the triangle.

Attach ears to head with modelling tool.

Step 5:

Roll out light purple paste.

‘Crumple’ paste like tissue paper.

Stick the light purple paste around the dog.

Pipe on black dots for eyes and the nose. Pipe white highlights on eyes.

Cut out a gift tag shape, mark a hole with your modelling tool. Stick on to the cake.

Pipe on an inscription with royal icing.

Have fun!

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