Introduction: Doggie Umbrella

Tired of walking your dog out in the rain? well you wont have to deal with a smelly wet dog any longer!!! buy our handy DOGGIE UMBRELLA made specifically to keep your dog out of the rain on those crazy stormy days when he decides to go poop in the muddy grass. But wait it will not only keep the rain out but also the sun! have a dog that bothered by the sun well lets not put him through torture much longer and use the DOGGIE UMBRELLA when you walk your poor dog.
1 umbrella
1 scissors
1 dog leash
1 harness
1 wire
1 drill & 8th drill bit
1 ribbon roll
1 hot glue gun

Step 1: Breaking the Pole Part 1

use an old umbrella or buy the cheapest one for 5 dollars at your nearest Walgreens.
use two  vice grips put one the top part of the pole  and one on the lower part near the handle and twist and pull until the pole is detached like the first picture.

Step 2: Breaking the Pole Part 2 and Getting Spring Out

Continue to break the part of the pole that is still attached to the umbrella using a huge wire cutter. after you have broken the pole half way use scissors to pull out the spring inside the pole because it'll be a bother for later.

Step 3: Drill Time

 The top part of the umbrella will have top screwed onto it, remove it you wont need it.Then using a drill and an 8th drill bit drill  a hole through the middle top part of the umbrella until you could see through it.
 Now your ready for the fun part! Attach a piece of wire to the handle of the leash and put it through the now hollow pole!
The leash might be to thick so your going to have to cut the side of it so that it wont get stuck when pulling the wire/leash through. Dont worry about the leash getting messed up will fix it on the next step.

Step 4: Ribbon!

Once your leash is through the pole you have reached SUCCESS! but now your leash is all cut up. well the good thing is you have a hot glue gun and ribbon!
 now you can decorate your leash by glueing the ribbon on the parts that were damaged when pulling it through. 
on our model we used silver ribbon and glued it around the end of the leash were you hold onto it and also put ribbon around the hole  on top of the umbrella were the leash came through.

Step 5: Attaching the Harness

Lastly you will clip the end of the leash to your dogs harness and now your ready to walk your doggie out in the rain and show off this trendy invention.