Doll Shirt and Scarf Made Out of Wool!

Introduction: Doll Shirt and Scarf Made Out of Wool!

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Hi everybody! In this instructable I will show you how to make a doll shirt and scarf out of wool. I hope you like it as this is my first instructable ever! I had a lot of fun making this. I am only 11 years so my mother helped me in handling the needle and scissors. If you are a child just like me then ask an adult to help you too.
Please vote for me. And also comment and love this instructable. I have only made the shirt and scarf and NOT the doll's other things( they are ready-made). And if you don't believe I am 11 then check out my profile. Anyways, I never tell lies so you can trust me.

Step 1: The Shirt

First of all to make the shirt knit two layers: the front one and back one. You can knit them in different kinds of colours. I knitted them using yellow, red and blue wool. Then tie knots to secure the open ends from fraying. After that, sew the two layers together with the inside part facing out. then turn it inside-out so that the neat part is on the outside and the bad one inside. And there you have your doll's new shirt!

Step 2: The Scarf

In order to make the scarf, take 3 pieces of wool and tie them at one end then start braiding from the tied end to the other end and then tie a knot here too. Now just slide the shirt on the doll and tie the scarf round her neck. She looks really cute!

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