Introduction: Doll Serving Dish

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Just a few minutes and you can have a gruesome serving dish.

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Step 1: Get Everything Together

You'll need;

*A doll with a hollow plastic body
*A utility knife or box cutter
*A hot glue gun
*Sturdy scissors
*A plastic food container (from salsa, sour cream or something similar)

Step 2: Cut, Clean, and Cap

Cut open the belly - you can do a smooth opening or jagged. Remove the doll's head (you might want to make a small cut at the back of the neck to make this easier). Put the open body through the dishwasher or hand wash and dry it - who knows where that's been! With the decapitated head glue the eyes open if they are the kind that close when the doll is on its back. You also can glue one wide open and the other partially for that lazy-eyed broken doll look. Put the head back on (I'd remove it when washing in the future). When the limbs are drained out and dry you should cut pieces of the plastic container to cover the openings so that they don't fill with your food. My doll needed just a squeeze of glue in two small holes in the legs and then caps on the arm and neck holes. Fill her belly up with salsa, guacamole, or anything else that is bound to make people shudder as they dip chips in.