Introduction: Dollar Bill Triangles

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This instructable is about how to fold an equilateral triangle out of a dollar bill which can easily be attached to other triangles. Let us begin!

Step 1: Fold the Money

Fold the top half of the money towards you to meet the bottom edge. Next, fold the right corner down as shown and unfold. Fold the far right edge so that it lays against the crease. Now fold the new, angled edge so that it sits parallel to the top edge. You should have a folded over triangle. Fold the far right edge so that it sits parallel to the bottom edge, so that it looks like an upside down version of the one you just did. Keep repeating this until you run out of room to keep going.

Step 2: Finishing

Once you get to the point where the far right edge is longer than the edge you need to fold up or down to, fold it that way. Then fold the flap over the main triangle as shown. Fold the excess flap back over and crease firmly. Unfold the fold before that and fold down along that crease, and then tuck the flap into the main triangle via opening in right side of triangle. Congratulations! Now you can stack multiple bills using the openings in the sides of the bills. If you untuck the flap, then you can slide it into other bill triangle's openings to give you another way to attach them. I hope you will enjoy folding a plethora of these triangles. Thanks for looking! Please vote!

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