Introduction: Dollar Hack: Put Your Face on a Dollar With GIMP

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If you look on dollars, you see people's faces, and everyone knows who these people are. Old guys with powdered wigs.


Wouldn't it be awesome if you could be on money? Yes! WOOT WOOT!
all you need is GIMP- GNU image manipulation program.

Anyways, there are websites you can go to to do this, but there's not any effects- they just put your picture on a dollar. These sites look fake! My method looks pretty real.

(the first dollar is my dad. the second is kirby!)

Step 1: Prep the Dollar

To show you, I'll be using Kirby because 1. I made the dad dollar before I made this instructable and 2. KIRBY ROCKS!!! oh yeah.

So first. get your pic of a dollar of of google images, dogpile images, etc. etc. You can use any type of dollar, but I used Benjamins. Then, use the color picker tool (eyedropper) to select a color around the serial number. Color over the serial numbers with that color so your creation isn't counterfeit. Smudge that so it blends in. You should also use this method with the little ribbon under the picture with the person's name in it.

After that, use the ellipse select to select the dude's face and DELETE! Make sure while you are selecting to not cut out the picture's border or the ribbon. you might have to clean up the cut with the eraser. Save this file as whatever you want, just make sure its extension is .xcf, the gimp extension.

Step 2: Mess With the Face

Paste/open the picture you're using for the face into a new gimp window. Now it's time to mess around. First, open colors>colorize and mess around with those levels until you get a nice grayscale. (I always thought doing this looks better than just pressing the grayscale button) Next, click filter>artistic>cartoon. Mess around until you like what you see. Then, click filter>artistic> van gogh, and finally do the cartoon again. Finally, use a reeeeeeeeeallly big brush to blur/sharpen (teardrop icon) the image.

Step 3: Put Them Together!

On the image you used as a face, click file>open as layers and open the dollar with the face cut out that you made earlier. Scale and move the face image and, if necessary, darken it. Crop the face so it doesn't stick out if you have to. Finally, image>merge visible layers, and you are on a dollar!

Thanks for reading my 'ible!