Dollar Origami Heart Holding Quarter




Introduction: Dollar Origami Heart Holding Quarter

Step 1: Get a Crisp Dollar Bill

Or a slightly used one... The really crumpled ones don't seem to look as good

Step 2: First Folds

Fold bottom corner of one side to the top as shown above.

Crease well


Fold top corner of the bill to the bottom edge as shown

Crease well

Fold the side inward making the crease where the two creases meet in the middle

Crease well

Bring the two corners inside to create a point

Turn bill around

Repeat the folds on the other side

(I'm sure my wording may be a bit confusing that's why I added photos.)

Step 3: Make a Square

Fold one side back
Fold the other side
Make the two creases touch making a crease right in the middle between the two sides

Step 4: Making Triangles!

Fold each flap over to the corner next to it

Step 5: Turning Triangles Into Squares (squash Fold)

Lift each triangle one at a time and push fold it down into the middle of itself as shown

Step 6: Making More Triangles

Bring each side into the center as shown

Step 7: Squash Folding Again

Now each little triangle needs to be pushed down as shown

Step 8: Making the Heart Sides

Flip over
Fold small part of corners in on the two sides shown

Step 9: Fold Top Down

Leaving it flipped over take the tip and fold down creating the top of the heart

Step 10: Fold Bottom to Make a Point

Fold the flap sticking out so that the bottom creates a point

Step 11: Complete

Flip over
Carefully put quarter under the triangles


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Tip 5 months ago on Introduction

If your dollar (any denomination) is wrinkled or crumpled, or your made a mistake in folding, iron it with a hot iron. This will remove the wrinkles and/or creases and crisp your money back up.


Question 1 year ago on Step 3

I love this but got stuck at Step 3. Exactly how do I "fold one side back"? I couldn't tell by looking at the photos.


2 years ago

I don't do much dollar-folding, but this looks awesome. Nice job!


6 years ago

I am grateful for your instructions. I used a 20 and one of the drummer quarters Ive been collecting to add to my dads fathers day card! ?? Mahalo Nui Loa for your help!!


Quite easy. I used a nikel to crease my folds firmly. This is a perfect gift for someone you like $1.25 worth.