Introduction: Dollar Store Demon

Ever see a Halloween decoration and think "that needs wings and horns... I could fix that."

No? Just us?


Well, I'm gonna explain how we remade this little guy anyways (with almost entirely all dollar store parts). You can keep reading if you want to learn how to make a freaking epic skeleton Halloween decoration.


Items from Dollar Store used:

Two skeletons - make sure one has wings

Cling Wrap

Super Glue

Air Dry Clay (yes our dollar store had this. It was called "Craft Dough")

Paint - we used spray paint.


The only item not from the Dollar store used:

Heat Gun (a hair dryer will work too)

Step 1: Bone-Chilling

1. We picked up a couple medium sized skeletons, making sure one had wings. We then started picking them apart. We took the best parts from both and put them together to make what we were happy with. You can pick and choose what you like. Super glue the new parts together.

2.Use the air bake clay to sculpt on features you want to add (the parts you couldn't salvage from the skeletons). We didn't wait for the clay to dry since it is a more spongy less messed up nature.

3. Wrap your bones in cellophane wrap. This will act as fake skin (ewwww) later once this guy is painted. Once wrapped where you want the gross to happen, use a heat gun or even a hair dryer and just barely add heat to the plastic wrap. The wrap will start to shrink and shrivel away. Use your judgement to see what looks best, you can always add more cellophane or take some away.

4. Now let the air dry clay.... well dry.

5/6. Paint. We used spray paint, mostly cause that is what we already had. If you go the route of brush and liquid paint (acrylic? Having a brain fart on what to describe it as lol) just an fyi you will need to paint in layers. If you try and stipple brush or even smudge the paint on the plastic wrap it basically wipes off. Start with less and work as each layer drys. That being said spray paint or acrylics - smudge, wipe, dry brush, splatter and get as creative as possible. The more organic detail the better it looks. Let dry.

7. Hang up and admire your boo-tifully creepy decoration. Happy Halloween!

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