Introduction: Dollar Store & Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

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This is an easy woodworking project. I used 5.5” wide pallet wood. Only a few tools are needed to make this beautiful addition to the front door or mantle.


Tools needed:

Clamps to glue up pallet wood

Tape measure or yard stick

Jigsaw or bandsaw

Drill with bits to fit lights

Wood glue

Hot glue

Stapler is optional

Dollar store Christmas lights

Step 1: Glue Up Pallet Wood

The bottom board is about 14” wide and the top board is about 5” wide.

I like to leave them in the clamps over night.

To make sure they all line up I made a center line on each piece.

Step 2: Cut It Out

Using the triangle as a guide, mark out your favorite Christmas tree design on one half. If you’re a better artist than I you can go ahead and mark out each side. I carefully cut out one side and then flipped the cut out to the other side so that it would be somewhat symmetrical.
Sine I used a jig saw, I made the pattern one the back side so that the front side would have less tear out.

Step 3: Paint It, Stain It or Leave It Raw

I painted mine with an off white with a dry brush method. If you like it the way it is, add a base and you’re finished!

Step 4: Take It to the Next Level and Light It Up!

The dollar store sells small Christmas lights that have 10 lights and run on 2AA batteries. From the front side drill 10 holes at random or in a pattern. Want more lights? No problem, just buy another strand or two and drill more holes. The bit size should be 3/16”.

The lights won’t go all the way through the wood so I drilled a little larger hole part way through the back side. I used a for this hole I used a 13/64” bit.

Step 5: Add the Bling

It’s time to light it up. I put the lights through the holes and use a stapler to secure the wires to the tree but I’m not sure this is entirely necessary. I thought about using hot glue but opted for the staples.

Step 6: Finish Line Is in Sight

I added a little hot glue to the base, a 2x4” from the same pallet. Then turned it over and further secured the base with a couple of nails. Then use a dap of hot glue to the battery pack.

Step 7: Enjoy

You’re finished. Place it on the fireplace mantle or maybe by the front door, wherever you need a little Christmas cheer!

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