Dollar Store Skull Corpsing With Plastic Bags and Heat Gun




Introduction: Dollar Store Skull Corpsing With Plastic Bags and Heat Gun

Another tutorial. This is the third skull corpsing tutorial in our Dollar Store Corpsing series. Make sure to watch the video, as most details can be seen there better! And don't forget to subscribe to our channel

Tools and materials:

Cheap plastic skull

Clear plastic (bags or sheeting)

Fake teeth (Tutorial here)

Wood stain

Step 1: Prepping the Skull

For this skull, I wanted an open mouth so I could add my own teeth, so I cut out some of the teeth, very carefully with scissors.

Then I just wrapped the whole skull in plastic sheeting, just 2 or 3 layers.

Step 2: Shrinking the Plastic

Very carefully with a heat gun, warm up the plastic all around until all the plastic shrinks onto the skull. Wrinkles are good. Don't leave the heat gun too long on the skull or you will just melt it.

Step 3: Eyes and Mouth

Using a blade, cut slits where there eyes are, also do the same for the mouth. Use the heat gun to melt the eye lids and lips just how you like them.

Step 4: Finishing and Details

Take some wood stain and paint the skull all over. Then immediately wipe the excess off. This will make the plastic look like mummified skin and the stain will also highlight all the wrinkles and cool details. Optionally, add teeth (here's a tutorial for my glue gun teeth)

And you are done! This project will take, literally, like 10 minutes per skull.

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6 years ago

Love this! You made a simple
cheap skull into a horror masterpiece (I have a great imagination). I am thinking of all different ways to apply this! Thank you fo sharing--totally ingenious! Happy Halloween?☠️?


6 years ago

This is a great tutorial, I am going to try this tonight as I have a dozen of those dollar store skulls.


6 years ago

You can use that to scare some people, like take the skull and put it in a jar full water and stick it in the fridge or you can get a bucket and put some food scraps in to make a nasty smell in the bucket, then take the skull and some bones and put them inside the bucket, finally leave the bucket where the garbage man can find it. Heck, you can put the skull in your mailbox for the mailman to find. :]