Introduction: Dollar Airplane Oragami

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very easy and fun....

Step 1: You Need

one dollar bill

Step 2: Step One

fold left corner to the right like you see in the photos, then tightly crease it with your nails, now its very important to crease the corners really well

Step 3: Step 2

now carefully open your fold and do the same to the right side corner, following step one.... do this to the top and bottom of your dollar.

Step 4: Step 3

its kinda hard to explain this next step, so ill let you look at the pictures to help you with this step. the folds we did in step 1 and 2 are what make this step possible.

Step 5: Step 4

do the other side just the same, and crease tightly ...

Step 6: Step 5

the pictures kind of explain this one too

Step 7: Step 6

grab the shone, and fold up to the crease.... do to both sides...

Step 8: Step 8

carefully open the flaps you made in step  6

Step 9: Step 9

take the bottom of your dollar and fold in as shown, then crease like in the second photo

Step 10: Step 9

take the corners of the flaps you made in step 6 and put them "in" the part you folded in step 9, do this to both sides... the photos help you understand this more clearly

Step 11: Step 10

turn your origami upside down and fold  in the corners as shown... this will allow your paper dollar airplane to stand

Step 12: Step 11

turn it back right side up and fold the corners on top to give it more of an appealing look, you can add you own fold here and there to modify your paper air craft.

Step 13: All Done

here is the finished craft..... though very attractive, unfortunately it dose not fly,,,, this is great to do when leaving tips for people at resturaunts, or to make a  kid with a cold happy, because even though its very simple to do, it can make any ones day...

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