Introduction: "Dolphins Swim Together" Made by Resin and 3D Printing

First, a few words about the project:

The goal is to create two sides of a dolphin from a resin that each side contains a small printed dolphin and finally connect the two sides to form one large dolphin that contains a small dolphin.



3D printer

PLA / ABS Filament

Empty wash bucket

Dish soap

Rtv 100 % silicone - 2 bottles

Silicone Caulking Gun

Resin - 250 mm

Super glue

Step 1: Download All the Parts

Download the stl files:

Step 2: Start Printing

Before you start printing, I recommend that you open the 3D printing software (I used cura) to select the location where you want to print or resize the model according to your printer's limitations (If you change the size of the model, the other models must be changed in the same ratio).

Step 3: Making the Molds

From this step until the final step, use gloves.

You need to do this step twice because you need two molds, one for each side of the dolphin.

Fill the bucket to about a third of its depth.

Then splash the soap into the bucket and then stir it (stir until you don't see the soap in the bucket).

Using the gun, pour the silicone into the bucket (I used a whole bottle for each mold).

Grab the silicone, it is recommended to make a circle shape in the water until it is not sticky.

In this part you need to create a type of ellipse where the dolphin can enter, making sure that the depth is also sufficiently large for the fins to come out properly.

Press the "big dolphins" into the silicone molds and wait a few hours for the mold to harden.

Step 4: Filling the Molds

After waiting a few hours for the molds to harden, grasp the edges of the mold and gently push to extract the dolphin from the mold using the other hand's fingers (do this in each mold).

Insert the small dolphins into each mold according to the directions (left to left , right to right).

Prepare the filling according to the manufacturer's instructions and fill in the molds.

Wait for the number of hours listed in the instruction booklet to end the hardening.

I bought a resin consisting of two substances A, B.

I put in separate measuring cups equal amounts of A, B and then I poured the cup of material A into a cup of material B and slowly stirred for about 3 minutes until no bubbles appeared.

After waiting 5 minutes, I poured the mixture into the mold and waited for 48 hours for the material to harden.

Step 5: Connecting Both Sides to Create a Complete Dolphin

This stage is the final stage of the project , at this point you can paste both sides to create a complete dolphin but you can also leave it as is and enjoy the two sculptures that reflect each other side of the dolphin.

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