Introduction: Domino Building Machine Using Witblox

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Greetings to everyone.
I have made a Domino building machine using WITBLOX kit. It is a horizontal loader two wheeler car. The blocks provided by WITBLOX kit provides ease of connection and are simple to use.
This blog describes the step by step making of Domino building machine.


List of accessories needed :
WITBLOX kit ( It includes) :
1. Two DC motors ( specifications : 5V 150 RPM)
2. Motor driver
3. Power
4. Battery ( specifications - 9V)
Other components :
1. Sun board
2. Scale
3. Pencil
4. Cutter
5. Double sided tape
6. Rubber bands
7. Glue gun
8. Wheels
9. Castor wheel

Step 1: Chassis, Supporting Members and Guide Ways

All the dimensions of required parts are calculated and drawn on sun board as shown in figures.
Part 1 : A long chassis is designed which supports all the other parts, motors and mechanism.
Part 2 : It is top support for mechanism which eventually sticks on back support.
Part 3 : Back support guides the mechanism in one single direction.
Part 4 : It is guideway for mechanism sticks on part 2 because of which mechanism consists of two and fro motion in given path.
Part 5 : One end of this supporting member is attached to part 2 and other at part 6.
TIP : While attaching part 5 take care of spacing for domino to move out.
Part 6 : It is a guideway for domino and is attached to chassis and part 5.

Step 2: Main Pushing Mechanism With Motor.

Main mechanism is made up of sun board by proper dimensions and a slot provided to it by which rotating motion of motor is converted to translation motion.
A red color shaft is 3D printed which is attached with motor shaft. One end of piece of straw is attached to red shaft and other end is fixed in slot of mechanism as shown in figure.

Step 3: Slowing Down of Robot Speed

For smooth application of main mechanism which pushes out the domino from robot the main phenomenon is to slow down the robot speed by adding load to the motor shaft. Rubber band is attached to motor shaft which eventually increase load on motor shaft and slowed down the speed. The attachment are shown in figures above.

Step 4: WITBLOX Kit

WITBLOX kit includes motor drivers for each of motor and a power driver wit battery. The connection of each component is very simple. Battery is connected to the power block and power block to the motor driver. Each motor driver is connected to the respective motor. You can purchase this stuff on WITBLOX or on WITBLOX app.

Step 5: Assembly

Each part is attached by using glue gun as shown in video. Two motor with wheels at one end and castor wheel at the other wheel. All other parts from part 1 to part 6 with mechanism is attached and robot is tested with excellent result as seen in video.

Any suggestions and new ideas are welcomed.