Introduction: Domo Little Monster Mittens

Sew a pair of Domo little monster mittens. It could be anything as this a really a free-form sewing project that was created as I went along.


Mittens can also be used as puppets too!

Step 1: It Fits Like a Glove...

I have a lot of scrap felt pieces and some microfleece which makes a great soft fluffy outer or inner liner fabric layer.

I had a few precut sheets of craft felt that were sized bigger than my hand to make the mittens. I had pink and brown felt to make a pair of different Domos. If you were making mittens that would be used for real outdoor cold weather/snow etc... choose a more sturdy utility fabric, even coated to be water repellent.

I just put my hand up to the fabric to gauge how big to make the thumb extension part.

The part of the mitten that sticks out like a sore thumb, well, it is the place for the thumb, is easily formed with an extra strip of fabric to mate up with the partially cut strip of fabric on the big piece of felt. This is a very basic way of making the thumb extension. There are fancier ways of cutting the fabric to make it more form-fitting and elegant.

I used a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine to join the pieces. A zigzag stitch works better than a straight stitch for stretchy or loose weave fabrics.

I used a straight stitch to extend the strip of fabric with another piece of fabric.

And with sewing, keep in mind which side you want the seam and which side will be the finished side with the clean presentable line. We are making a matched pair so we need to make mirror products for the right hand and left hand.

Step 2: It's So Fluffy...

The liner part is really a glove in a glove.

Use the partially constructed outer shell to be the pattern to cut a slightly smaller liner glove.

Again, think of where you sew so that the finished seams will appear correctly when things are turned inside out.

I test fitted placing the liner glove thumb into the outer shell thumb.

With the parts lined up, I trimmed the bottom and seamed it together.

The one side of the outer shell with the liner was laid out lengthwise.

It was then serged with its corresponding other side. An opening was left at the liner glove end to turn everything in and out. A serger will trim the excess fabric and bind the seam as it sews but you can use a zigzag or straight stitch to close things up if you just have a regular sewing machine.

A piece of elastic banding was added to pull in the sides of the back of the mitten as the fit was too loose.

You can turn everything inside out and then push back in the liner glove to fit. You might need to trim the end of the liner part if there is too much excess fabric to fit into the mitten. You can sew that shut if desired.

Step 3: Happy Little Monsters...

With everything in place, you should have a pair of mittens.

Use your bits of scrap fabric to make the mouth, teeth and eyes.

Glue up the teeth to the mouth. You can then glue the mouth and eyes to the mitten.

When dry, test it out by trying it on.

Have fun.


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