Introduction: Domo Mini Speaker ^.^ (Card-Singing Speakers Put to Usefulness)

Ever wanted a cheap mini speaker? A small speaker that you could bring around with you? Maybe like a mini-cube around 3" speaker? Well my friends and I wanted just that. We wanted to create a speaker for ourselves that was small enough to carry around. After all we love music and with this mini speaker we can enjoy our music anywhere. Also with a speaker we do not have to plug our ears all day long and have those sound waves hit directly in our ears and decreasing our hearing.

Step 1: First Things First: Gather Your Materials

Materials that are needed:
- Electrical Tape
- Speakers (taken out from singing cards)
- Thicker wires (recommended but optional)
- Earphones or Headphones (preferably not broken ones, especially if you are making two speakers)
- Paper to create the box

- Scissors
- Wire-cutter/ Wire-stripper (A scissor or razor would do as well)
- Solder (needed if using alternate wiring) or Lighter

Step 2: Speakers

Buy a cheap singing card. Rip the right side to reveal the speaker. Use a scissor to cut the wires connected to the memory/sound chip. Take the speaker off of the tape that is holding it down. Pull the wires off of the speakers. 

Step 3: Re-wiring the Speaker

Cut the amount of wire you need to attach to the speaker. Strip the ends of the wire so that there will be no insulator at the ends for better conduction of electricity. Solder the wire on to the back of the speaker. Make sure to solder it where the wires were before you ripped it off (it should be the two spots on the most outside. The first and the fourth.). 

Step 4: Time for the Earphones :)

Cut the earphone pieces off. Use a wire stripper to strip off the rubber surrounding the wire. Use a lighter and burn the wire for better conduction. 

Step 5: Time to Put the Speaker and Earphone Together :D

Like the title says. Time to put the pieces together. There is a negative and positive sign on the side of the wires on the speaker. Identify them. Wrap the copper wire around the wire attached to the negative side. Attach the other one to the positive side wire. Plug the speakers into a device and check to see if it works. If not, move the wiring up and down. If that doesn't work switch the wires around. After that is finished, use electrical tape to secure it in place so it doesn't move around too much.

Step 6: The Finishing Touch ;]

Draw squares with 3 inch sides. Make sure to draw tabs on all 4 sides as well. Tabs do not have to be wide. Less than 1/2 cm. Cut them out and color them. Make sure you make a circle big enough for the speakers for one of the sides. and make a little half circle cut out for the tail on another square. Tape all the pieces together. You make also cut two strips of paper and tape it to the  back to help hang the earphone wire.