Introduction: Donald Trump Dog Costume

Packets (our dog) has always had crazy hair. He gets it from the yorkie side of his genes. We've playfully pulled his hair to the side and said he looked like he had a fake toupee. We we're joking about what we could dress him up as this Halloween and with his hair decided that Donald Trump was a no-brainer. So here is a instructable on how to make a small dog suit.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

So to make this you won't need that much.

  • A dog (helps if he has crazy hair)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (bonus points if all you could find a wal-mart was the pink Zebra edition)
  • Old white t-shirt
  • Some sort of navy colored material (all we could find in the house was some old underwear of mine)
  • Red Tie (this was the only thing we actually bought from a store)

Step 2: Cutting the Material

  1. We wanted nice crisp lines with the collar so we cut the tips of the white t-shirts sleeve.
  2. We cut the band off the underwear.
  3. Then we used our dogs body to measure and cut it to fit around his stomach.

Step 3: Making the Vest

1.After cutting the navy fabric to size, we used the glue to make it into a tube.
2. We then made a quick guess about where his leg holes would need to be and cut two circles out there. Be sure to cut on the same side as the seam so that the seam would not be on his or her back.

Step 4: Making the Sleeves

1. We used the remaining navy fabric for sleeves. Much like the vest part, we used our dogs legs to measure how wide the sleeves needed to be and cut two.
2. Next, we hot glued both pieces of fabric on the edges to create two long tubes.
3. We used the hot glue gun to attach the sleeve tubes to the vest tube. (We don't have pictures of this step because my wife was so anxious to try it on him, she forgot to take pictures..)

Step 5: Enjoy

Lastly, we took A LOT of pictures and sent them to our friends for a good laugh. :)

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