Introduction: Donation Machine

In public places, people often see donating box for helping kids who are poor or having educational difficulties, and they will throw their receipt in the box wishing that there might be an award that will help them. But in time, donation boxes seems not as must attractive and often been ignored. The donation machine I created was to help the children that need help to express their thankfulness to people; in order to make donation seems fun, when the distance detector detects a receipt being donated, the LCD will light up and say thank you. The receipt donation not only helped children with difficulties, but also makes the people who donate felt being respect that his donation will really help the kids.

Step 1: Stuff That You Need (materials)

Making the system:

1. 2 LED (different colors, LED is to make the appearance more attractive during the night)

2. Arduino Leonardo or Uno

3. 2 resistors

4. USB wire (for connecting the breadboard)

5. Jump wires

6. LCD screen

7. Ultrasonic distance sensor (HC-SR04)

Making the exterior appearance (外觀)

1. tape

2. double-sided tape

3. scissors

4. hardboard (for donation fundamental box)

5. gift wrapper, heart or love decoration (optional, just for making the mood clearer and the outside more beautiful)

6.utility knife

Step 2: Wires: How to Connect (THE BUILD)

2 LED separately connects to pin 8 and pin 9. Registers

The distance detector: GND to negative(-) and VCC to positive(+)

LCD: GND to negative(-) and VCC to positive(+) LED to LED

Connect GND (-) to GND on Arduino Leonardo or Uno (Connect the ground GND pin to the ground rail of the breadboard) Positive(+) to 5V

Step 3: The Software:code

Connect the Arduino to your computer using the USB cable.

Make sure to have the Arduino app

Load the code(the program) onto your breadboard

Program the Arduino by selecting File that you download → Upload

Link down below:

Step 4: Making the Exterior Appearance

Make a box for the sensors and the screen of the LCD and make another box as a fundamental basis for it

make a hole for the LCD screen to appear and a place for the distance detector to detect things

Hole size: LCD 3cm length 8 cm width ;Distance detector(HC-SR04) 1cm length and 3 cm width

Cut a hole that is 0.5 cm width and 1.5 cm length to let the receipt in

Make sure the box is firm and stable, if not, use tape.

Step 5: Optional( Make It More Beautiful)

1. gift wrapper to cover up the cardboard part and ugly part

2. cut a heart or things related to love to make the project more realistic

3. you can use the handle on a cake box to create the handle on the donation box, so that the whole box have mobility

4. all gift wrappers and decoration been glued with double tape, if not stable enough, use Hot melt adhesive gun.

Step 6: All Done!

Congratulations! Your finish!

Thank you and good luck!