Introduction: Donkey Kong Barrel

Who are thowing barrel's Donkey Kong of course !!I

Got a silly idee with a old wiskey barrel, we have in our house. (I have not been drinking all the wiskey my self :--)) want to make a playable cocktailboard with the Donkey Kong game in a barrel

Step 1: Making of Playfield

I cutting out with jigsaw a shape of the barrel in plywood 16mm. in the middel i made hole for a 17" lcd screen round the edges with a router

Step 2: Progress

check all fit, made hole for joystick and button's, starting up painting.

Step 3: ​Joystick

usually the joysticks head are handles in plastic , but I turned some small copies of the barrel and used them to the top of the joystick. made of hard wood and oiled

Step 4: Game On

Ready to play, if you get tired in the legs can rest in these chairs that I've also made


Made of 2 blue barrel i have recived from a friend...

I made a cool retro chair which i can use to my arcade donkey kong barrel board

Step 6: Cutting Out the Profile

I use several attemp to make it comfortable to have a seat, cut out a plywood plate for the seat made an hole so it easily can be removed and you have an sceret place for ex. beer and other stuff you have to hide for your wife ;-)

Step 7: Artwork

on the side I use some insulating tape light blue and white it took long time to messure out where the letter should stand

Step 8: Artwork on the Pillow

found some black edging to finish aruond the edges, a friend of mine made me two pillow

Step 9: Start Playing Donkey Kong

I so it look all together

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