Introduction: Donkey Kong Sticky Note Mosaic

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The first thing that came to my mind when I heard of the Office Supplies contest was "Sticky Notes".  And what could be a more classic use for sticky notes than a Donkey Kong mosaic?

Step 1: Materials Needed for Large Version

Black paper: the area of your square sticky notes x 55 wide and x 62 high

The sticky notes below should be the square kind.  The sizes may vary, but as long as they are square this mosaic will work. 

For the version shown, we cut square sticky notes into quarters, but only the top two are sticky.  So if you want to do a mosaic the same size we did, divide the number of sticky notes below by two and do the equation accordingly.

364 blue sticky notes

103 yellow sticky notes

44 white sticky notes

63 orange sticky notes

588 pink sticky notes


Clear Packing Tape

Pencil & Graph Paper (Optional to sketch out your design)

Step 2: Postitioning the Paper

To measure the paper out, find the square inches/ cm of your sticky notes, e.g., 3 x 3 inch sticky notes= 9 inches squared. 9 x 62 = 558 x 55 = 30690 sq. inches, or an area of black paper which is 186 inches high and 165 inches wide.

Measure and cut the paper to the appropriate sizes.  In the example above, if you had normal letter sized 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper, you would need 17 sheets of black paper for the height and 20 sheets across, or 340 sheets of letter sized paper.  You would then have to cut off the excess sheets to end up with a canvas exactly 186 x 165 inches.  This is just an example.  If the sheets were bigger or smaller, you would have to adjust the canvas accordingly.

Carefully arrange the number of black sheets of paper that you will need for the final canvas as above and tape them together with clear packing tape, cutting off any excess paper.

Turn the entire black canvas over.  You are now ready to attach the sticky notes.

Step 3: Attaching Sticky Notes

You may want to draw a grid with squares the size of your sticky notes to be more accurate in placing the sticky notes on your canvas.  Otherwise, use the sticky notes themselves or a ruler to measure the placement of the notes.

Use the grid below as a guide for placing the notes.  If you have measured both the black paper canvas and your sticky notes correctly, after a few hours of labor, you too will have your own Donkey Kong Mosaic!

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