Introduction: DIY Robot Cart (Cheap+Powerful+Fast)

Hello Everyone, in Autodesk 123 Design, I I created a model of a robotic cart

My designs are original and I soon hope to make the product as it is quite cheap and easy to make.

There are numerous uses to this machine, you can not only store things but you can transport heavy cargo, treat it like a remote control car, scare the neighbor kids with it by covering it up with a halloween costume.

As for my designs, here is what the final model looks like

Here is the .123dx file:

There are more pictures on the last step

Step 1: The Chassis

At first open 123 design and modify the default cube -- convert it into rectangular shapes to create the sides and the base of the chassis

Sorry if gears appear in earlier stages, the program crashed few times

Step 2: Gears

To bring out the gears, go under icon menu (top left corner), click insert, and in the gallery, browse for "gears" --- unless you're logged into your account, you should get only one search result, select it

delete all gears except for the second smallest one

duplicate (copy+paste) and move them around.

Step 3: The Motors

To represent the motors that will drive the gears, I imported and modified (extruded some parts of) the model of a robotic arm (Arm Lower L01 by design admin) that I found in the gallery/

I duplicated the altered model and placed it where the motors should go.

Step 4: Battery & Cover Plate

I added the battery to the back of the model --- it will power all four motors

There is also a transparent pvc plate that goes on top of all the motors and holds the battery in place

The pvc plate should be thick so it can handle heavy cargo

As you can notice, I took the liberty to color in the meshes

Step 5: Final Product

Here you go, this is what the final model looks like.

The little cones on top are switches that operate the motors, you can also use servo switches (shown in my other instructables)

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