Introduction: Don't Sleep, Let's Get Some Candy!





Step 1: Box

1. Choose the right box.

Step 2: Install the Device

2. Install the ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, and connect the servo motor wire.

Step 3: Install the Device

3. Adjust the position of the sensor to measure the approximate distance while sleeping.

Step 4: When Sleeping and Reading

Whether the test distance is accurate.(The photo shows the distance to the ultrasonic sensor when reading and sleeping.)

Step 5: Program

4.Write the sensor and buzzer first.

Step 6: Implementation

5.Actual implementation (result: the sensor was originally behind, and finally moved to the front).

Step 7: Fixed

6.Fix the upper layer of the box.

Step 8: Install the Motor

7.Add the servo motor program and find a suitable servo motor position.

Step 9: Try to Push the Candy With a Motor

8. Adjust the cardboard on the motor that assists in the fall of the candy, and actually test whether the candy can fall.

Step 10: Decoration

9.Decorative outer box(my idol).

Step 11: Finish

10.Finally finish!