Introduction: Don't Touch Face

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"Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth" after washing your hands or using hand sanitizer (assuming you can find hand sanitizer anywhere). This is easy to say, hard to do. This device (sort of like a watch) attaches to your wrist using a rubber band. When your arm rises in a "face touching direction," a tilt switch activates a buzzer to let you know that your hand is trying to get you into trouble.


3 volt coin cell battery--CR1620

Tilt switch

Buzzer--3 volt (I used a 6 volt buzzer that was in my supply box; a bit weak buzzing on 3 volts, but it works)

3d printed bracket

Two 3mm screws (6 mm long)

Rubber band


Wire Wrap Wire

Heat shrink tubing

Duct tape

Step 1:

Print the bracket that holds all the bits.

Step 2:

Place the tilt switch inside the holder. The ball inside the tilt switch should be "downhill" (to the left) and the two ends should not be connected electrically.

Step 3:

Bend the lead on the upper end of the tilt switch to keep it from sliding through the holder. Note that the holder is slanted so that the tilt switch will not activate when your arms are slightly elevated (like typing on a computer).

Step 4:

Secure the buzzer using 3mm screws--they should "bite" into the plastic bracket.

Step 5:

Bend the lead on the lower end of the tilt switch. This will keep the tilt switch from sliding out of the bracket in either direction.

Step 6:

Solder a piece of wire wrap wire from the tilt switch to the buzzer. Use heat shrink tubing or tape to insulate the connection.

Step 7:

This is the schematic of the system.

Step 8:

Solder a piece of wire wrap wire to the other wire from the buzzer.

Step 9:

From the lower end of the tilt switch connect a piece of wire wrap wire to the positive side of the CR1620 battery. Secure the wire using duct tape.

Step 10:

From the black wire on the buzzer, tape the end of the wire wrap wire to the negative side of the battery.

Step 11:

Slide the battery into the slot in the holder.

Step 12:

Route the wires from the battery through the tiny slit in the holder.

Step 13:

Obtain a rubber band that works for your wrist.

Step 14:

Insert the rubber band into the slot made for the band.

Step 15:

Secure the rubber band by melting plastic into the gap at the end of the rubber band holder (I melt the PLA using a soldering iron--you could glue a piece of plastic there if you prefer).

Step 16:

Wear this "wearable" with the upper end of the tilt switch pointed toward your elbow.

Whenever your hand moves toward your face, expect a buzz.

I wear this on my right arm because I am right handed. If you are a two handed trouble maker, build two of these.

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