Don't Waste That Closet Space

Introduction: Don't Waste That Closet Space

Most closets have a couple of feet over the shelf that hold stacks of clothes falling over and off making a mess. In the past I have put in closet systems that made it easier to use the higher space. I just moved into a house with 9 foot ceilings which gives over three feet of empty space. How could I actually use that area for storage? I have lots of off season clothes that I need to store. I don't want to put in closet systems again, they are just too expensive. I looked at lots of shelves and cabinets but most were too wide. While looking for a shelf to turn into a dining room bench (I had done that before with one from IKEA) I found the solution.

Step 1: The Solution

I came across the ClosetMaid stack able storage units that were just the right depth to sit on the shelf. Most I had looked at were too deep and would, in my opinion, be too unstable up there. I ordered a 3x3 (shown) and a 2x3 unit. Assemble per instructions (I left off the backing). I was able to lift the small one by myself but had to get help to put the larger one up there. Once in place L brackets secured to the studs keep them from falling over.

Step 2: Sort and Contain

You could just put the items in the cubes but It is better to contain them using the drawers designed for the units. I bought some at IKEA but they were too large. I found a set of 8 on Amazon that fit and are less expensive than the name brand. I also found some, not quite as sturdy, at The Dollar Tree (beige one). I sorted the clothes into season, items (tops, bottoms) and size and used a Brother label maker to identify the contents. Currently used items are stored on the bottom row of shelves. A shoe storage unit keeps them off the floor and out of the way.

For less than $100 the closet space is organized and put to good use.

Step 3: Room for Expansion

I could add more units but I don't want to block the natural light and have it feel closed in. The cube drawers I got from IKEA fit up there and will hold sets of sheets and accessories. I hung backpacks and purses from hangers to keep them accessible and from being buried and forgotten.

The white cabinet? That was purchased at a second hand store and is an old Victrola cabinet that was converted to a lingerie chest.

I will be putting something similar in the guest room closets to make use of the space above those shelves.

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