Introduction: Donut Box Studio Lights

Fabulous studio lights made from not so fabulous household items!

*Please do not write to me about fire hazards. These bulbs do not heat up enough to catch fire to the donut box.

Although anytime there is electricity there is a risk of fire. You risk fire every time you turn on a light, and you risk fire (grave bodily injury and/or death) by doing this project. 

Enjoy :) 

Step 1:

You Will Need:

1. Gaffer Tape

2. Donut Box (16" x 12" x 2.5")

3. Clothes Hanger 

4. Screw-in Ballast (match with bulb)

5. Drywall Tape

6. Circline Florescent Bulb (match with ballast)

7. Hemma Cord 

8. Paper Clips 

9. A Will

Step 2:

Connect cord to ballast and ballast to bulb.

Hooray for magic! (and danger) 

Step 3:

1. Put your circline bulb into donut box. 

2. Punch or cut (make sure you have proper supervision while using scissors) hole for cord to exit box.

3. Repeat step 2 for lid. 

4. Tape donut box shut with gaffer tape (because it's pretty and strong). 

Step 4:

1. Cut 2 pieces of drywall tape long enough to wrap around donut box as shown 

2. Wrap drywall tape around donut box with clothes hanger 

3. Unbend paper clips so that it is straight

4. Sew (yes I said sew) drywall tape with paper ciip as shown, (make sure you've got a snug fit) 

Step 5: