Introduction: Donut Tie-Dye T-shirt

If you didn’t know, National Donut Day is right around the corner…on June 5th!. And, we think next best way to celebrate next to eating a donut is wearing one! Of course, not wearing an ACTUAL donut, but how about a donut tie-dye T-shirt! And, the recipe for this donut isn’t quite as complicated as you might think. Read on to see how easy it is to create your very own sweet tee complete with sprinkles on top.


Tulip® Tie-Dye Party Kit

Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paints (desired colors)

● White 100% cotton T-shirt

● Disposable plastic table cover

● Washable marker

● Poster board or other heavy paper to make pattern

● Scissors

Step 1:

Dampen T-shirt with water and wring out excess water.

Step 2:

Fold damp T-shirt in half lengthwise.

Step 3:

Create donut shape onto T-shirt:

  • Draw two circles on poster board, one big one for the desired size of outside of donut, and a smaller one for the center hole. Cut out to create patterns.
  • Lay half of large pattern circle along the center fold line, and trace around onto T-shirt with washable marker.
  • Place small circle pattern along center fold of shirt, inside large drawn half circle.
  • Use washable marker to trace around to create donut hole.

Step 4:

Pleat fabric along small half circle first, forming a straight marker line across the tops of pleats. Secure with a rubber band along this marker line.

Step 5:

Repeat above step on outside marker line, and secure with rubber band.

Step 6:

Apply pink dye to section of fabric between rubber bands (the donut) and let set, rinse and launder according to instructions.

Step 7:

Insert another large piece of poster board inside laundered shirt to create a stable painting surface. Use dimensional fabric paints to add “sprinkles” onto donut. Allow to dry.

Step 8:

Find all your craft supplies and many more colorful ideas on TulipColorCrafts website.