Introduction: Secret Doo Doo Compartment

My personal connection that implied into the creation of my project isn’t so deep, I just wanted to find a product which had a nice and funny concept. I wanted something that was invisible to the naked eye an idea so silly it actually worked.

I believe that people struggle when they are searching for quick hiding spots for some of their valuables which makes the Doo Doo compartment perfect for the occasion. I believe that this product can be provide so much help to a large amount of people who are struggling in scenarios like this.

This project is meant to be hidden in your garden with valuables inside yet people wouldn't think of touching it if it looks like poop.

Step 1: Step #1 Gather Materials Needed to Complete the Project

-Small Jar with a solid lid

-Hardening Glue (similar to construction glue)

-Brown Spray paint

-Cocoa Krispies Cereal (small amount)

Step 2: Step #2

Remove lid from the jar

-Place it over a plain surface

-Use glue to create a poop like shape over the lid

Step 3: Step #3

-Use your fingers to finish covering the lid with glue so the surface of the lid does not show

-Afterwards add Cocoa Krispies to the glue. (no need to add pressure to them so they stick)

Step 4: Step #4

-Give your product time so the glue can firmly stick and harden so it does not take another shape

-Begin adding spray paint preferably brown make sure to do this in an isolated area and outside.

Step 5: Step #5

-Add your house hold key to the jar or money, anything you want

-Dig a small whole on your patio or garden, any surface with grass or dirt

-Insert the jar and then fill the hole up until the only thing visible is the lid “poop”

-Congratulations you're done!

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