Introduction: Doodle Art Drawing for Beginners || EASY QUICK DOODLE ART PATTERN

Draw with Me Step-by-Step.Art Is Easy Every artist has their own way of creating art. Here, I’m trying to show my way of doodling which might help beginners to get started and practice. Of course this is not the only way to doodle but it will give you a starting point. To develop your own drawing method and style you need to draw and practice :) So keep doodling and have fun


Compasses (Drawing tool)
Pencil (2hb , 4hb)

Black Pointer and marker

Step 1:

first make a small flower you can make it with pencil or direct black pointer

Step 2:

Increase The flower , follow the instruction shown on picture

Step 3:

Make 2 circles with drawing tool 1 small and 1 medium Use pencil or direct with black pointer

Step 4:

Follow the instruction shown on picture make some strings and fill it with black marker or pointer

Step 5:

now make some leafs around the middle circle

Step 6:

make some design inside the leafs

Step 7:

Increase the design shown on picture

Step 8:

Fill all empty parts of design with Black marker

Step 9:

now make some curly lines around leafs

Step 10:

also Fill them

Step 11:

make strings around the lines and fill them too

Step 12:

make small circles inside the medium circle and fill some circle black

Step 13:

give some shades with pencil (4 hb)

Step 14:

All Instructions are in this Video
Enjoy the video, Practice and THUMBS UP FOR DOODLING