Introduction: Doomsday Device

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A few years ago, my daughter and I repurposed what—if I recall correctly--was a bunjee cord container and turned it into a Doomsday Device that was probably somewhat inspired by the secret ooze in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
I didn’t have a decent camera at the time so photos of the step by step process aren’t available; however it’s insanely easy. 

Tools and parts:
• Some type of clear container (I’m not sure if this particular container even exists anymore but I’ve seen similar containers at Home Depot)
• Plexiglass cut to size (It’s better to be slightly bigger than the shelf’s dimension in order to keep a snug fit)
• Light socket with inline switch and electrical plug
• Green Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb (CFL)
• Neon green spray paint
• Black spray paint
• Painter’s tape
• Green food coloring
• Yellow food coloring
• Water
• Toxic Waste sticker
• Super glue or hot glue

Step one:
Measure the shelf on the book case where you’re going to set this up. Ensure to leave deep enough room toward the corner. This is where the light socket will be placed. As noted above, it might be wise to add a millimeter to the height in order to ensure a snug fit.

Step two:
Cut out plexi glass to your specs.

Step three:
Mask the middle section of the plexiglass with painter’s tape to the same dimensions of the container. Spray paint the edges with black spray paint. Once dry, you could remove the painter’s tape from the middle, then mask the black section and paint the clear middle—or simply flip over and paint the green on the back.

Step four:
Apply your glue of choice to the inside of the bottom end cap, fit the container into it and wait at least a few hours to ensure the glue has a chance to dry.  Once the glue is dry, fill the container with water, leaving a little bit of headspace at the top to allow for expansion when you fit the top end cap into place.  Mix your food coloring to achieve the perfect look. (This is subjective). Glue the top end cap into place. Slap a sticker on the front.

Step five:
Route the electrical cord of the light socket through the back of the book shelf. Mine is a cheap book shelf with a cardboard backing so this was as easy and cutting a notch out with a pocket knife.  Place the light socket in the corner, screw in the CFL, fit the plexiglass into position, and set your Doomsday Device in front. Apply power and wait for your less industrious friends to jealous of your evil genius lair and/or a knock on the door by the DHS due to an anonymous tip from a concerned individual.
I’ve always thought that an enclosure along the lines of “break in case of zombie outbreak” or something similar would be a cool addition. Haven’t gotten around to designing it yet but that’s the beauty of instructables—its awesome to see where people take things.

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