Introduction: Door Bells

These colourful hanging bells looks very appealing especially  when they move with the wind.It is very easy to make these beautiful  bells,which are made with  news papers and a very low budget project. You can also try new designs on these bells  and experiment with different color schemes.
When displaying make sure that the distance between the bells are the same.You can hang them on a wooden stick giving them different heights and display them anywhere.I have hanged them on the  door.

Step 1: Requirements

News paper
Whit pva glue
Water -Not in Pic
Petroleum jelly
Sketch pen
Ruler - option
Crochet thread -White
Craft wire
Gloss varnish
Small decorator's paint brushes
Fine grade sand paper
Match sticks
Acrylic  paint
3D glitter colors
Fabric paint
3 bells (option)
Small bowls for measurement
A pointed tool
Wire cutting Pliers
Looping  pliers

Step 2: Grease

Grease the bowls with a thin layer of petroleum jelly.This is to create a protective covering so that the glued paper strips do not stick to the mould.

Step 3: Paste Strips

To prepare the PVA white glue diluted solution, use a ratio of 2:3 for the glue to the water which means  40% of glue  60 % 0f water.
Tear the newspaper into thin narrow strips of approximately 3/4 inches in width.Dip them in the diluted white glue and then cover the bowls from the inside with five layers of stripes.  It will take some time to dry.Wait till the first layer dries and then paste the second layer and so on.
There are four bowls shown here ,Please note I used only the three small green ones.The bigger glass bowl shown here is for another purpose.Use little bowls which has a nice shape.
After the surface of the paper in the mould is dry, turn the model upside down and using a black sketch pen ,draw the out line of the mould ,along the outer edge. This will act as a cutting line to get a smooth edge.

I kept them in the sun to dry fast  and the edges got curled up,and I had to re do it.So watch out !

Step 4: Remove Cut & Sand

Try to remove the mould from the bowl. If  the mould seems to be stuck , carefully insert  a blunt knife ( butter knife)  between the paper and the mould and rotate it along the edge to free the paper. Cut along  the drawn  black line  to get a smooth edge..Using the sand paper lightly run it over  to smoothen all the rough edges.(last image)

Step 5: Make Balls /bells

Now tear the news paper into small 2.5 cm squares. Soak in water for 3 to 4 hours.Then squeez out the water from  the news paper  squares and soak in the diluted white glue for 30 minutes.Squeez the white glue from the soaked paper and make tiny balls approximately 3 cm in diameter.

Step 6: Paint

Paint the moulds.I used Acrylic gloss for red and yellow moulds. When it is gloss it is difficult to draw a design with a pencil.So if you want to draw on it use Matt finish Acrylic  paint. The second coating has to be done when it is dry. Paint inside too,as when it hangs it  can be seen.Decorate with your choice of colors.I used 3D glitter colors and fabric paint  for the dots.
Once it is completely dried do a coating of gloss varnish.

Step 7: Balls

Paint the balls /bells too and stick it on to a pointed tool  and let it dry. note that it doesn't touch one another. Once they are dried they are very hard as it  was soaked in diluted white glue. High light it with the glitter dots or you can create some other designs.

Step 8: Hook

Using the wire cutter cut a small piece of craft wire.Make a tiny loop with the round pliers, twist the two edges and insert it right inside  into the ball where you pricked when painting the balls.Since it is hard it is 100% guarantee that it would not come out. Or you can use screw rings.

Step 9: Attatch Together

Prick the mould in the middle and pass the white crochet thread through. Keep the length of the thread as long as you want. Tie the match stick (or even a small wooden stick)  on the  thread  and apply a little bit of white glue so that it does not move. The match stick holds the thread under the cup. The space between the match stick and ball is about 8 - 9 inches.Tie the end of the bottom thread  to the hook.

Step 10: Done

If you want instead of making the paper balls,you can hang the real bells. See image 1.
I have hanged the real bells too  along with the paper balls.Image 2

Thank you for taking your time to view my project and please vote if you think this is cute and nice.

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