Introduction: Door Handle Cleaner

Hi, my name is Mauricio I am a Highschool Student going to the American School Foundation of Monterrey, I recently engaged on a project in my Creativity and Product Design class, I came up with the idea of creating a door handle that as you use it gets cleaned with antibacterial gel so that you never have to touch anyone else's germs. This was a problem I found thanks to this pandemic and the number of people who have become germaphobes and have issues with things that are not clean.

The instant door handle cleaner is a machine that allows a solo red cup filled with a mix of antibacterial gel and water, fall on the door handle whenever you use it and allows for the surplus of gel to fall on the floor on a newspaper so that you can clean your shoes or feet.


The image above shows the materials you are going to need to create this instant doorknob cleaner. The material list consists of 9 key materials antibacterial gel, water, newspaper, small cup/solo red cup, scissors, an eraser, small rope, any type of tape, and of course a door with a handle.

Step 1: The String/First Step

In the first step the only thing you are going to need is a small rope, scissors, tape, and a door handle.

First, you will cut a 10-inch piece of rope. Second, you will tie the rope around the handle and place tape on the piece of rope you tied around the handle so that it doesn't slide off. After that, you have completed the first step of the final product.

Step 2: The Placement of the Cup/Second Step

For this step, you will need to tape the solo red cup facing the door handle directly above your string horizontally leaving it slightly tilted to the left. After finishing with the placement put an eraser on top of the solo red cup to the left side of the cup so that after pulling the door handle and making the gel fall it can go back to its original position.

Step 3: Connect the Cup to the Handle/Third Step

For this simple step, you simply need to grab the end of the door handle string and place it in the roof of the inside of the cup and make sure it stays there by putting tape on it. This will allow for the cup to pour the mix of gel and water on the handle at the time of using the door handle.

Step 4: Set Up the Gel and Water Mix and the Newspaper/Final Step

For this step, you must grab a solo red cup fill it halfway with 3/4 of antibacterial gel and 1/4 with water mix it for 30 seconds with a spoon or a straw then put that mix onto the solo red cup on top of the handle. Finally grab some newspaper and place it underneath the door handle so that the surplus of mix can fall on the newspaper and serve as a shoe/foot cleaner. Here you can see the link to a video on youtube explaining the process and an example of how it works.

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