Door Hinge IPad Stand/Cutting Board Concept Design - Made @TechShop!

Introduction: Door Hinge IPad Stand/Cutting Board Concept Design - Made @TechShop!

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It's my last 2 hours of my TechShop membership before a hiatus and I'm looking at these door hinges like, what can I make with these!?
I'm thinking tablet stand...but they're door hinges, I don't want them to only do one thing...then it comes to me- cutting board.

I didn't have much materials but as a Maker/Creator, I made do with what I had- and called it a concept :)

Door Hinges
Board (I used MDF)

Power drill

I refer to the tablet's measurements in landscape mode

Step 1: Cut and File the Boards

Cut the stand leaning board to the size of your desired tablet.
Width should fit the tablet and length wise, at least half.

File down the sides at an angle to form to the hinge's angle.

Do the same for the bottom board, making it a half inch shorter on each side on the X axis and at least about half the width of the tablet.

Step 2: Screw Them Together

I only had 4 screws...ended up taking out the silver ones due to matters of the hinge being flush with itself in "cutting board mode".

Step 3: Measure and Cut Out Support Pieces

Little supports at the bottom for the tablet and 2 on the side for balancing the piece while closed aka cutting board mode.

Step 4: Get a Piece of Wood the Size of an IPad

iPad Air 2D dimensions
6.6" x 9.4"

Step 5: Make It Into an IPad!

Draw iOS.

Step 6: Take Pictures W/ It!

(Japanese saw represents a chef's knife)

Hope you enjoyed my iPad Stand/Cutting Board concept.


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