Introduction: Door Latch

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My dad wanted me to install a locking latch on the newly built shed. I thought it would be really easy. It was, but I came up with a few tips and tricks that would make it even easier. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials/Tools


  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Driver (philips/flathead)


  • Double Sided tape
  • Locking latch
  • Door

Step 2: Tape

Tape really makes this whole process much easier, especially double sided.

  1. Apply some double sided tape to the back of both sides of the latches
  2. Line up the latch so it is level
  3. Make sure the metal brackets don't cover the crack of the door

Step 3: Attach

  1. Open the latch
  2. Drill a pilot hole for one of the halves of the latches
  3. Secure it with a screw
  4. Do the same for the other half
  5. Now that each side is attached, but can pivot, align them
  6. Once they are fully aligned, drill the rest of the pilot holes
  7. Fill the holes with screws

Step 4: The End

I hope this made installing a latch at least a little bit easier. If you have any other hacks, share them in the comments.

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