Introduction: Door Mat From Old Clothing

People normally discard old clothing. Here I have used an old torn cloth to make a door mat.

Please go through the instructable on how to make a door mat out of waste cloth

Step 1: Cut Cloth Into Strips

This one is a closed Lungi which is worn around the waist. It can not be worn any more due to the large tear in it.

  • First cut and open the Lungi. It will be about 6 ft long after cutting. The width is about 4 ft.
  • Cut 3 inch wide strips from it. You can cut about 12 strips of 6 ft long each from this cloth

Step 2: Tie Strips of Cloth

  • Take 3 strips in hand and tie them together at one end
  • Insert all three tied end of strips in the door or window grill

Step 3: Braid All Three Strips Together

  • Tightly braid the three strips of cloth starting from the tied end. It is same as braiding hair
  • You can add another strip in the braid when the length of strip being braided reaches the end
  • After using all 12 strips you will have a 20 ft long braided length of cord

Step 4: Trim Ends

  • Trim the excess length of strip at end
  • Using a needle and thread, stitch the ends of all three strips in the braid together
  • Cut the ends tied with window grill and sew that ends also together

Step 5: Start Rolling the Mat

  • Starting from one end, roll the braided coil in circles to form the mat
  • Using a needle with dark colored yarn, stitch the roll continuously with adjacent circle while rolling

Step 6: Finish Mat

  • Continue to roll the coil as well continue stitching the rolled mat with the adjacent coil
  • Once you completed rolling of all 20 ft long coil, stitch the end with the mat and finish

You can see the completed mat in the last picture. You can use it anywhere in your home as it looks very attractive

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