Introduction: Door Plate

On Solidworks I created a door plate that can be printed out on the 3D printer.

Step 1: Create Hook for Name Plates

Get onto solidworks and on the left side of the solidworks you will find an option called top plane. Right click on it and go to the very last option on the right and click on that. Then go to sketch and click on the spline sketch option. Once you do that you have to make sure your measurements for the hook will be comparable to the slot the hook will be put in on your door plate.

Step 2: Create Door Plate Part 1

  • Create a new Solidworks file and like before right click on Top Plane and go to the furthest option on the right and click that.
  • Then go to the Sketch option and go to the rectangle shape and scroll down to center rectangle.
  • Create the rectangle with the measurements that you want. What I did was 6 inches all the way around. You can change the measurements of your rectangle by double clicking on the side you want, then put in your preferred measurement.

Step 3: Creating Door Plate Part 2

  • Now go back to the Sketch option and click on the circle. You want the circle to be measured to the exact measurement of the screw you are trying to put in.
  • After click on the line button in the sketch option and create one line horizontally right under the top two screws, then another horizontally right above the top two bottom screws.
  • Finally extrude the lines by pressing the extrude button and confirm it by pressing the check mark.

Step 4: Creating Door Plate Part 3

Lastly you have to make indents for the hooks.

  • Go to the sketch option and just click on the rectangle
  • You need to make 6 of these rectangular indents
  • These indents need to be evened out based the size of the name plates which should all be the same size
  • Your hook basically has to be able to clip into the indents

Step 5: Creating Door Plate Part 4

  • You need to create braille
  • First start on the left side by creating mini circles and then extruding them like you did with the lines
  • Go to sketch option press on the circle and make every piece the same size and then extrude it with the extrude button. I would say use the default size it gives and work with that
  • Then do the same thing on the other side

Step 6: Creating a Name Plate

  • Go to sketch options and press the rectangle option and create one plate size that can be evened out 6 times throughout your 6 inch doorplate
  • The length should be .74 inches and the width 6 inches
  • Don't forget to extrude it at .20 inches