Introduction: Doors

You don't need a lot of tool to do this, you will need a rubber mallet so you can pound your door hinges into place you will also need an impact with a square bit and some screw so that you can tac on your doors to your cabinet, you are gonna need a buddy so that they can hold the door in place when you are pre-drilling and when you are putting your screws in.

Step 1:

The first thing you’re going to need is your cabinet door and a rubber mallet, next you are going to line the two plastic holes up with the two holes on the door now you’re going to lightly pound your door hinge into the door be careful these doors are fragile and will shatter if you had them wrong. Repeat this step twice on each door

Step 2:

Now we are going to be making half-inch marks from the bottom of the face frame this way our cabinet doors are going to be flush on top, now you might want to grab a buddy to help, pre-drill two holes for each hinge, you are going to do this for both of your doors now go ahead and grab your screws now slowly put your screws in each side make sure not to strip it

Step 3:

This next step is very important make sure your cabinet doors are even on top and the sides if not you need to adjust the small screw in the door hinge on both sides to make the gap smaller. Check over the whole cabinet inside and out and make sure it looks good because this is the last step before it goes off into the house