Introduction: Dope Minecraft House

I will show you have to make a dope a house in Minecraft by using wood plank stone steps would and wooden fensens

Step 1:

you start by doing a 4 by 12 then in the middle of that do a 4 by 6 then after that you will dig in 2 blocks down then fill in the bottom with wooden planks

Step 2:

after the would put in wood wood in all corners then fill in around the ends then after that you put logs on the ground just outside of the original corners and add fence between then after that you build you 3 more blocks then of after that you fill in the ground at the fence level

Step 3:

now after that you put wooden planks on top of the fence then after that you put logs on either side of the planks, to the same height. then you would put beams across so that it can make a gap to that you could put in windows and then ounce that is done fill in and also fill in the roofing

Step 4:

you are go put some up side down steps along the side of the house after that you are going to put breams across one from the top then leave room for some glass windows then fill in the roof of the place

Step 5:

now are going to do that same as before with the steps and up them up side down then create a roof for the 4 by 12 then after that you create corners onto the 4 by 6 area but don't go round the end just stop at its edge

Step 6:

then after that go inside and get ride of the bit inside to create a room then room that go and create way for you to get from level to level and don't for get about the basement.

Step 7:

after all that go to he bottom of the T and create the door way to that you can get in to you new fresh dope house then after that go above it and fill in with widows in areas needed