Doser for Salt Water Marine Tank

Introduction: Doser for Salt Water Marine Tank

About: Bored projects

The body for my doser is a spray bottle for watering flowers. I can pressurise it so it won't need any additional pumps also has a air release valve built in.

Step 1: Feed to Tank

I cut the spray pipe from the pump and pushed a plastic pipe for aquarium into the rubber it was a tight fit so I didn't feel the need to add any fittings the plastic pipe I used came with my reverse osmosis I had far too much and it was a perfect fit can be bought from ebay or aquatic store

Step 2: Quick Release

Added a fitting I can remove pump without having to rehouse all the pipe this is push fit fitting and is also available in ebay or aquatic shops I just disconnect pipe here and leave the rest in place when I want to top up

Step 3: Control Tap

This is a push fit control tap so slow down rate of water so I can get it to a drip it's held on the back of the tank glass by a small clamp cheap easy and effective I got this out of my stationery

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