Dotty Nails!!




Introduction: Dotty Nails!!

If you want a different look, than just plain nails, but don't want to over complicate things, I suggest dotty nails. They look great, they receive compliments, and are so simplistic to do. 

Step 1: What You Will Need:

- A nail file 
- Moisturizer
- Green nail varnish (Although you could use any colour for your base colour ) 
- White nail varnish (Again you could use any nail varnish for your dots, as long as it is not the same colour as your base colour) 
- A cocktail stick or an old stylus (This is not necessary, I use the brush to make my dots, but when I first started doing dots I did find it easier using a cocktail stick or stylus)

Step 2: The Fun Sort of Filing:

Now to file, and not the boring work filing. I use two nail files. One ordinary emery board file, and a four sided nail buffer (for filing, buffing, smoothing and shining) . Some people arch around their nails to produce a natural rounded nail shape, and others prefer a more square nail shape, by filing across the nail (in one direction, to not harm the nails) and up and down on the sides of the nails. 

Step 3: Lets Be Smooth:

After filing the nails, I tend to wash my hands to clean my nails after filing. Then I moisturize, to smooth my hands and nails, and make painting nails feel like it is a pampering session. 

Step 4: Lets Paint:

After the long preparation, it is time to paint your nails with the base colour.  A few coats of nail varnish should do the trick. 

Step 5: Lets Watch Paint Dry:

In order to get the best affect, the base colour should really be dry before dotting the nails. It shouldn't take too long to dry your nails. Some nails varnishes claim to dry in 60 seconds. And it can really be that quick. However I tend to leave them to dry for 10 minutes just to be safe. 

Step 6: Dot to Dot:

Now either dab your cocktail stick/ old stylus or brush (Lets call them a dabber) in the nail varnish you wish to use for your dots. The dabber may have lots of nail varnish on, so remove some of the varnish from the dabber by rubbing it around the inner of the top of the nail varnish bottle. You want it so that the dabber used to dot your nails is not dripping with nail varnish. Just gently press your dabber on your nail and lift it off. Keep refilling your dabber with nail varnish. At first your dots may be unequal sizes, but practice makes perfect (However big and small dots on your nails can look very stylish). You can add as many dots on your nails as you wish. You can make dice nails too (I may make another step by step for them), and put dots going up in numerical order, so 1 dot on your little finger, going up to five dots on your thumb.  

Step 7: Ta-da

Once completed leave to dry. Obviously your  hands may have excess nail varnish on, which can easily be cleaned up afterwards, by using nail varnish remover on a cotton pad, and removing the excess nail varnish on your hands  around your nails. 

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    8 years ago

    This is the simplest nail art I've seen and the cutest. It reminds me of blue jeans because I have a jean shirt w/ white dots on it. !!!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I think I'm going to try this next time I do my nails. It's simple but really cute :D