Introduction: Doubie Roll Slide

In order to make the skateboard better bounce, change the direction and reduce the space when placing, I chose the double-warped folding skateboard.

Step 1: Make the Middle Face of the Board.

Cut off the two corners of the motherboard, so that part of the two sides into an arc, streamline;Skateboard surface as the upper and lower two different colors of the surface, make it more cool.

Step 2: Mske the Front Warping Board of the Skateboard.

The warped board on one side is made into a semi-oval, making it the front end of the skateboard, which is convenient for sliding.

Step 3: Make Backwarps for Skateboards

Cut off part of the other upturned board to make it a trapezoid for easy riding, making it easier to lift the front end of the slide.

Cut its two sharp corners into arcs to make it difficult to cut and hurt.

Step 4: Combine to Form a Board.

Rotate the front skip by 15° and the back skip by 20°, and then connect with the middle main board to form the slide surface.

Step 5: Production of Bearing

Put a cylinder with a diameter slightly smaller than the gap between two empty cylinders to facilitate the placement and rolling of the cylinder, so that the bearing has a better effect.

The center of a cylinder is hollowed out. The inner diameter of the cylinder is the same as the inner diameter of the bearing, and the outer diameter is the same as the outer diameter of the bearing.

Place the thin pad on both sides of the bearing and change the color

Bearing make the wheels roll more smoothly in the process of movement, improve the speed of taxiing.

Step 6: to Make the Wheels

Threads are made on both ends of the shaft to facilitate the placement of the nuts so that the wheels can be better fixed on the shaft.

Combine tires, bearings, shafts, and nuts to form wheels.

Step 7: Making Bridge

Make screws to connect the parts easily.

In order to better support the bridge, two columns are added to make the bridge more solid. In order to better connect the bridge, the bridge deck edge is shown in the figure of arc.

Step 8: Making Hinges

An axis slightly smaller than the diameter of the empty cylinder is placed between the empty cylinder so that it can rotate smoothly.Install the nut so that it can be fixed.

Making hinges allows the skateboard to fold up, making it easier to hold and saving space when the skateboard is placed.

Step 9: Assemble the Slide Plate and Install the Hinge

Assemble the parts so that the slide can be folded, cut three slits in the slide and place the hinge in place as shown. Can add some text appropriately, make it more beautiful.

The foldable skateboard is made.

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