Introduction: Double Awesome Cat Toy!

Why buy or make a normal cat toy when you can build a double awesome one! Now you ask, why is it double awesome? Well the answer to that is simple, this cat toy is double awesome because it has both bells, and pom poms, two awesome toys in one. This is the perfect cat toy for any cat, short or tall, big or small!

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

This is a relatively cheap project, I already had most of the stuff I needed, However they can be bought for a little over five dollars.

For this project you will need:

  • fabric
  • pom pom ribbon
  • scissors
  • a method of sewing (I used a sewing machine, however it was really challenging, looking back on it I probably would have saved time if I had sewn this by hand)
  • some sort of bell, I used some cheap cat toys.

Step 2: Add the Pom Pom Ribbon

In this step we will add the pom pom ribbon to the toy. To start you will need a square of fabric. Cut out a piece of fabric twice the size you want your cat toy to be, as you will be folding the fabric in half later on the stuff it!

Once you have your fabric cut out, sew the pom pom ribbon onto the fabric n a zig-zag pattern as shown in the photos above to cover one side of the fabric completely in pom poms.

I used a sewing machine for this, but it was very challenging and I strongly recommend sewing this by hand!

Step 3: Fold!

Now, to make the shape of your cat toy fold it in half with the pom poms facing out. Then, sew along the long side and the bottom, but remember to leave the top open for stuffing!

Step 4: Stuff Your Cat Toy

Now that you have a pom pom pocket, fill it up! I choose to use some cheap cat toys from the dollar store as they made a nice, lumpy texture, and my cat can't eat them, but you can stuff it with whatever you want. Once the cat toy is filled, sew up the end to make sure nothing falls out.

Step 5: Play With Your Cat!

Now that your cat toy is done, all you need to do is play with your cat! My cat loves this toy, but if your cat doesn't, that's okay, you can fix this by simply rubbing some catnip into it!

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