Introduction: Double Bird House Planter

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This is my first time doing an instructable. I was completely unprepared so bare with me. My next project will be much more details I promise.

My mother wanted a bird house so I decided to make a double birdhouse with a planter box in the middle.

Step 1: Frame Up

I skipped a bunch of steps here due to not recording the measurements.

I used 1/2" x 12" untreated pine because I planned to paint and seal the wood.

This stage had all of the walls completed. I used my finish nailer to frame everything up.

Step 2: Added Roof

This was a simple step adding the roof. Cut 45's for the joining.

Right after this was done, I added wood filler to all of the cracks.

I used 80 grit sand paper to make every spot smooth.

Step 3: Base

I went cheap on this next step. I used reclaimed wood from work. I used 1 - 2x4 and 1 - 2x6.

4 - 45's were cut for the top joint and the bottom. I used my big boy nailer for this step.

Step 4: Painting

I decided to paint it all a maroon. The reclaimed wood looked better before it was paint. Lesson learned.

I added drain holes to the planter box and used to old rusty nails for the bird stand area.

3 coats of pain later, you have the finished product