Introduction: Double Bowline Knot

The following are steps on how to tie a doubled bowline knot. This is a useful knot for lengthening ropes or creating loops.

Step 1: Obtain Two (2) Ropes

Obtain two (2) ropes. Keep in mind, the skinnier or thicker your ropes are, the more difficult this knot will be to tie. I used a thick rope to make the steps easier to see.

Step 2: Hold Rope Correctly

Start with a single rope. Hold your rope in an upside-down "U" shape- use both hands for this. The rope extending from the bottom of your left hand should be shorter than the rope extending from the bottom of your right hand. The part extending from your left hand will be the "working end" of your rope.

Step 3: Cross the "working End" of the Rope Behind the Other

You will cross the shorter side of your rope (being held in your left hand) behind the longer side of your rope (being held in your right hand). The "working end" of the rope will stick out to the right.

Step 4: Cross the "working End" of Your Rope in Front of the Other

Step 5: Notice the "loops" You Have Formed

If you look at your rope, you will notice you have a larger "loop" towards the top and a smaller "loop" towards the bottom, by your left hand (see picture for reference). You may see it as a warped figure-8 shape. The "working end" of your rope will be sitting between the two.

Step 6: Reach Through the Larger "loop" From Behind

Holding the rope with your left hand, you will reach through the larger "loop" from the back with your right hand.

Step 7: Grab the Smaller "loop"

Keeping your right hand inside the larger "loop" from behind, grab the smaller "loop" with the same hand. Keep hold of the rope with your left hand

Step 8: Begin Pulling With Your Right Hand

With your right hand that is reaching through your larger "loop" from behind and grabbing onto the smaller "loop", begin pulling the smaller through the larger. While doing this, you may let go of the rope with your left hand

Step 9: Tighten

Continue pulling on the rope until the knot is tight

Step 10: Repeat Steps 2-9 With Second Rope

With your second rope, you will repeat Steps 2 through 9

Step 11: Notice Your Two (2) Knots

Notice you now have two identically knotted ropes

Step 12: Put Loop of One Rope Into Loop of the Second Rope

Insert the loop of one of your knotted ropes into the loop of the second knotted rope

Step 13: Reach Through the "open" Loop and Grab It's Own Tail

Reach through the "open" loop (the loop that was inserted into the other) and grab onto it's own tail. (This will be pulled through)

Step 14: Pull Rope's Tail Through It's Loop

Pull the tail of the rope through it's own loop

Step 15: Continue Pulling

Continue tightening by pulling on both of the rope's tails away from each other. Notice the ropes may get caught on their own knots. Keep pulling.

Step 16: Adjust Your Knot

After pulling on the ropes, you will notice you have another knot. If it looks like my picture, you will have to adjust the piece of the rope by my right thumb by pushing it slightly to the left.

Step 17: Your End Result

After adjusting the knot slightly, it will look like my photos. This is the correct knot.

Step 18: Done

Great job! You just tied a doubled bowline knot