Introduction: Double Cross Bracelet

What you need:


1 pile of colors your choice
Small hook or big

Step 1: Placing Bands

Put your loom with the arrows away from you

Step 2: Placing Bands 2

Remember to put whatever color you like or express your feelings in your bracelet

Step 3: Placing Bands 3

Don’t crooked your bands and also add your own touch

Step 4: Placing Bands 4

And keep going when you get unto the end you don’t go to the two pegs at the end you go to the second-last peg

Step 5: Capping Band

Twist the band and put it together and put it down on your loom

Step 6: Looping

Turn your loom around and loop

Step 7: Taking Your Bracelet Off the Loom

Stick your hook to the end of the loom
Put a band in your hook
Double it up
Pull the bracelet off the loom

Step 8: Add an Extension

The clip is going to be in your last band of the extension and the last band of the bracelet

Step 9: You Are Done

Then your done if you didn’t make it try it again don’t give up is number one rule of doing bracelets