Introduction: Double Daisy Single

Let's make this totally cool bracelet!!

Step 1: Materials

You need 13 bands for the flower's center, 12 for the petals and 20 for the single chain. You also need a hook, a C/S clip, and a loom.

Step 2: Border of Flower

Place half of your border on the left side then add the right side to create a hexagon.

Step 3: Filling Up Your Border

Start by placing the first band diagonally to the right and then continue by going clockwise.

Step 4: Add Your Cap Band

Place a cap band into the middle of your flower.

Step 5: Placing the Petals

Take 2 bands, these will be your petals. Place them on the pegs along your border.

Step 6: Looping Outward

Take the first band underneath your cap band and loop it downward then continue looping in a counter-clockwise motion.

Step 7: Looping Your Border

Now go to the starting peg and grab the band at the very bottom and loop it to the right and continue to the very top peg.

Step 8: Finishing the Flower

So the same with the other side and then pull the top petals into the middle peg.

Step 9: Removing the Flower

Make a slip knot and pull the flower off the loom and adjust it.

Step 10: Starting the Single

Dig through the back of your flower starting at the opposite side of your knot and grab the slip knot band and pull it through.

Step 11: The Band That Holds the Flower

Now pierce through the meeting point of the rubber bands still on the opposite side of the original knot but make sure that the band you pulled through the middle of your flower is on your hook as well!

Step 12: The First Extension

Make a single chain up one side of your loom using the two ends of the band on the flower as your cap band.

Step 13: Finishing the First Extension

Loop the chain of bands and attach your C/S clip to the end of the chain.

Step 14: Off the Loom

Pull it off.

Step 15: Piercing the Flower

Take your hook and dig through the meeting point right across from your first extension and pull a band through it with your hook. And place it back into your hook.

Step 16: The Second Extension

Now place another row of bands still using your flower as a cap band.

Step 17: Hooking

Hook the row of bands and the pull the bracelet off of your loom.

Step 18: You're DONE!!!!

Secure the ends with a S/C clip and show off your cool new double daisy bracelet. The flower wasn't invented by me but the extensions were. If I had just used the slip knot to start the extension then the flower wouldn't have kept its shape! So I came up with this it works with a lot of charms!