Introduction: Double-Decker, Super-Clamshell Altoid Tin(s)

                Have you ever wanted to fit something in an Altoids tin but didn't have enough room? Life doesn't have to be that bad, you know. When I first came upon this crisis I almost gave up; endless tears turning into sad poetry then getting crumpled up and thrown away with all my smiles and positive energy... but then I had an idea!

                This is my first Instructable, so don't be too mean... and I am currently camera-less.
                I am aware that it doesn't look that good, so lets say I'm posting just for the idea

Step 1: Ingredients


2 whole Altoids tins
4 fresh screws
1 hinge
Popsicle sticks (untested) or thin Ply-board (works)
1 clasp (optional)
4 more screws (if you want a clasp)


Small hammer
Anything you can use as an anvil that fits in your Altoids tin sideways with your desk
Something to cut the wood with
Rotary tool to banish the screwtips on the inside of your tin

Step 2: Decapitate the Twin Tins

This step is very easy, but you want to make sure you don't bend the tins; they never seem to meet up cleanly if they get bent.

Step 3: Flatten the Hinge-ish Things

For this step I used a small metal weight as an anvil and rested the tin on the corner of my desk. I then proceeded to violently beat the metal flaps down with a hammer until they stopped moving. I did this to the other three innocent metal flaps... god forgive me....

Step 4: Doing Hinge Stuff

I personally find it easier to glue the hinge on in the right position, then make the holes.

            Before making the holes you want to have something on the other side, which is where the ply-board or Popsicle sticks (I'm not sure if the Popsicle sticks work) come into play. You want to cut a piece about the width of a Popsicle stick and the length of your clasp, and set this behind where your clasp is going to go. Grasp your hammer and, with a thin nail, puncture a hole (in the middle of your hinges hole)  in the Altoids tin and partway through the wood. Remove the nail and screw the screw into place. Do this to the other side of the hinge.

           Now comes the other half. You want to make sure the edges of the tins will meet cleanly, so hold the two half's together together and mark little dots where the screws go. I thik the rest is fairly self-explanatory; just screw on the other half.

Step 5: Rid Your Insides of Screws

To make the inside not so hostile, I used my soulmate/Dremel to cut and sand down the tips of the screws that poked through the wood.

Step 6: Optional Steps

I also made a triple-decker tin by supergluing a whole Altoids tin on the top .

It is also possible to add a clasp to the tin, using the same method you used for the hinge.

Step 7: Finished!!!

If your Altoids tins aren't meeting up, try tightening the screws on your hinge.