Introduction: Double Dog Leash Holder

Holds two leashes for easy walking!


Can use acrylic paint but spray prime and paint works much better.

Step 1: Print

Print at a high infill (15%+) for stronger dogs. For small dogs 10% should be fine. Remove support and sand/file to "perfection".

Link to download files:

Step 2: Paint

Apply primer layer and wait about two hours. Some paints advertise that they are a spray and primer (which they are) but in our case the primer is used filling in the holes between layers, so a separate primer is advised for a superior product. Then when we apply the paint it appear smoother. After the two hours apply a coat of paint and then a second if you feel necessary. Let it dry for a least a day (you can pick up after about an hour but it is not set for 1-2 days).

Step 3: Walk!

Test it out!

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