Introduction: Double Duty Shelving With Cheap Hanger Hack

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When hanging stuff, most people use hooks. That's fine if you only need to hang a few items. But what if you have many items? Hooks are not cheap these days. Even the little brass cup hooks can add up quickly. Lots of hooks means lots of hole. And hooks are stationary.

There is a better way to display or store your stuff, and it costs just pennies per inch.

Use a vinyl drywall corner bead!

I know, exciting right? But seriously, this thing is handy. Adding it to new or existing shelves increases space by making use of the underside. You can cut it to any length you need. You can paint it any color, metallic, or glitter. You can use it in every room. Even the bathroom & kitchen because water won't damage it. With four holes per inch, you can hang lots of items, LOTS! You can change hanging placement any time. Just think of all the things you can hang.

Jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings
Hairbrushes, headbands, scrunches
Ornaments, crystals, sun-catchers, charms
Display art, crafts, photos, signs
Tools, scissors, rulers, paintbrushes
Keys, flashlights, notes

The list can go on and on! So, let's make it.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools & Supplies.

You will need:

Vinyl Drywall Corner Bead ($2 for 10' at the big home store)
Screws for your type of shelves. Flat pan head style. Shank less than 4mm. I use 1 screw every 6". You may want more or less depending on what you'll be hanging.
Screw Driver or Drill with bit for your screws.
Clipper, Snips, Utility Knife, or Heavy Duty Scissors to cut the vinyl bead.


Tape to mark & hold the vinyl corner bead.
Paint if you want a color other than white.

Step 2: Measure & Cut

Measure your shelf.
Mark the length on the vinyl corner bead with tape or pencil.
Cut the vinyl corner bead with your cutting tool. USE CAUTION with SHARP tools!

At this point, you can paint the vinyl corner bead (and the shelf, if you choose to). You could match your shelf color, go a shade darker or lighter, or contrast for a bold look.
Let it dry.

Step 3: Attach the Vinyl Corner Bead.

Position the vinyl corner bead on the shelf. I put mine flush to the front. You could place it along the back or anywhere in between. You could even attach 2 or 3 or more strips of vinyl corner bead.

I hold mine in place with tape, but clamps or a friend would work also.

Plot your screw placement and screw them in. I put one every 6" for light duty. Two screws every 4" for heavy duty hanging. (NOTE: Depending on your shelf type & screw type, you may need to use a center punch and/or drill pilot holes before placing screws.)

Remove tape or clamps or friend.

Now you're ready to hang!

Step 4: OPTIONAL: DIY "S" Hooks

Unless the stuff you're hanging already has a hook attached, you are going to need something to hang it with. You could use string, bread ties, zip ties, or buy hooks.

As mentioned before, hardware can add up fast. You can cut costs buy making your own "S" hooks with wire.
I use Hillman's 19 gauge stainless steel wire. A 30' roll cost me $4 from Ron's H&H. You could use floral wire or galvanized wire, etc.

Make "S" hooks with round nose plires, if you have them. OR just wrap wire around something like a pencil or dowel. Cut every other loop. Shape wire section into an "S". (I tried to show the shaping steps in the photo.)


Hang it up! Tools, toys, decorations, merchandise, information, lights, whatever you got!

The photo of the black shelf & bead is from my husband's glass shop. He has used it for two years with no problems. And I think the paint scheme he used looks pretty good.

Post some photos of your hanging stuff.

Thanks for checking out my first instructable! :)

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