Double Layered Nachos #hercules2016

Introduction: Double Layered Nachos #hercules2016


• shredded cheese
•nacho chips
•A microwave
And that pretty much it!!

Step 1: First Layer of Chips

So you take the chips and put them on the plate. Put as much as u want

Step 2: First Layer of Cheese

Now put the first layer of cheese on top of the chips again put as much as u want remember it's only the first layer

Step 3: Second Layer of Chips

Now it's time to put the second layer of chips so just put chips on top of the first layer

Step 4: Second Layer of Cheese

It's time to up the second layer of cheese on top of the second layer of chips and u can put as much cheese because this is ur last layer

Step 5: Heating Up the Nachos

Now heat up the nachos for 30 seconds in the microwave

Step 6: Ur Done!!

Now you get to eat it!!!
You can add different toppings if u want it's totally up to you

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    wow you legit did two layers of nachos


    4 years ago

    Double layer is the way to go! Looks great!