Introduction: Double Origami Heart

This is my version of a Double Origami Heart made from a SINGLEBILL.
Items required for this project:
  • ANY bill ($1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, or if you're really crazy or have it around a $1,000 bill)
  • time and patience

Step 1: Creasing

  1. To begin, start by using a crisp dollar bill.
  2. Crease the bill in half width wise.
  3. Then crease the bill in half height wise.

Step 2: Folding

  1. Take one side (in this case, the right) and fold it towards the center.
  2. Now in the front view, fold the bottom portion to the center of the bill.
  3. Repeat with the top portion of the bill.

Step 3: Shaping the Right Side

Once you have completed the initial crease and the fold, it's now time to shape the hearts.
  1. Crease one corner on the bottom portion of the bill.
  2. Repeat with the top corner.
  3. Lift this flap up and tuck the corner inside and flatten the crease you made.
  4. By doing that, this should create an extra flap. Bring the flap down towards you.
  5. Repeat with the top portion.

Step 4: Shaping the Left Side

  1. rotate the item 180 degrees and repeat the process for the other side by creasing both the top and bottom corners. (Note: image from prior step was used. I forgot to include the image. same procedure but different side.)
  2. Once you have completed shaping both sides, you should now have two pentagons that looks like a home plate in a baseball field.
  3. Next, pinch the center and fold the piece in half, and flatten one side.
  4. Repeat with the other side.

Step 5: Shaping the Hearts

If you are already lost, don't worry, I will follow up with a step by step video.

Please direct your attention to the rear portion of the item.
  1. While on the rear portion of the item, crease the upper left and right corners.
  2. After creasing the corners, look at the top view. It has three layers, for this Instructable and from the illustration, I will use #1, #2, and #3 for top (#1), middle (#2), and bottom (#3).
  3. Take layer #3 and fold it down and flattening the corner creases.
  4. After you made the necessary folds, swing each side around.
  5. Looking at the top again, it now has two layers (#1 and #2). Layer #1 is now the bottom since we swung the sides around.
  6. Crease the corners again and fold layer #1 down and flatten the corners.
  7. Once you completed the steps, flip it to the front and you should now see all four corners folded neatly.
  8. Looking from the top, only layer #2 is remaining. Look at the small pocket between the middle layer and bottom layer.
  9. Take the middle layer and insert it in the small pocket.
  10. Fold the remaining corners.
  11. You should now have 4 points. Turn the item around and fold all 4 points down.

Step 6: Arranging the Hearts

The hearts are now completed but are far apart. Here's the steps to bring them closer:
  1. Grab the thinner heart (you can tell the difference) and fold it backwards.
  2. Then grab the thinner heart in the center and fold it forward once more creating a Z fold. Note: you can bend and rotate the heart however you choose.  Both hearts doesn't have to be aligned with each other.
Your final product should be a Double Origami Heart.

Step 7: Step by Step (1080p HD) Video

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